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The Promise

"If you're rested, if your mind is in peace, and if you're full of love and compassion, if you come from being and then feeling, and then self-reflection, then things will synchronistically fall into place. That's how nature functions. Like the seed.

In every seed is the promise of thousands of forests....

You have unique gifts. Focus on the gifts. Don't focus on the weaknesses, because there are other people who will complement your weaknesses, and you will complement theirs. You recognize the gift when you're expressing yourself in that unique way, giving out your gifts, and you lose track of time" ~Deepak Chopra, The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey

I read this earlier today and it so landed home. As we step into cooler Fall weather, I find my energy renewed to keep commitments that are important to me - things that other people might never know or even notice.

They are:

  • I want to cook a "made from scratch" supper and clean my car at least once a week.

  • I want to keep the kitchen table and counters free of clutter.

  • When my children need me, I want to stop what I'm doing, look at them, and give them my full attention.

These things seem simple, but they can be so hard for me to do. I've found myself in some habits that don't serve me or my family well.

I let homework/projects sit in the kitchen, and coats/toys in the car, and don't ask for help from their owners (including me!) to get them put away.

I keep saving great recipes, but haven't been intentional lately about getting the groceries and planning to take off work early in the afternoon to come home and cook. Sometimes, I get the groceries and then our schedules get wonky and I have to toss the ingredients because they've gone bad.

Being present is such a gift to one another, and I'm finding it requires discipline on our part, and grace from those who love us. I've asked my children to get my attention and give me a moment to switch gears from what I'm already thinking about to what they want to talk about. It's a little annoying to them, but they like it so much better than me missing the first sentence of what they're saying because I didn't catch it. We've found something that works for us, and I'm glad.

Here's to a season of rest, peace, and renewed energy.

and pumpkin spice :)



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