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How Do You Start Your Day?

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10/3/2018 It feels so early, waking up in the dark. Until this moment, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten out of bed one split second before I had to.

But the idea of taking some space in the quiet of the morning - before the sun and the kids get up - tugs at my heart.

So, when I got up to give my littlest her bottle, I stayed up. I made this decision last week to start this today. It was sooooo hard not to climb back in bed!!

But here we are. 💗

Fully awake, about 10am, so many things sound like a good idea to do with this time: 🌱yoga 🌱write 🌱clean the kitchen 🌱make hot tea 🌱shower & actually fix my hair

For this moment, I’m still in pj’s, on the couch in one of the only rooms in our house without people.

It strikes me as interesting that I’m covered in a red blanket we got for a wedding present. It’s lasted longer than the marriage, but the same amount of time as the friendship.

I wonder why I still reach back and think about the marriage, when it’s been over for almost 6 years now. We are all better for it, and better off it ended. A few months ago, I absentmindedly adjusted my ring. Funny how our minds and hearts work.

The sky is starting to get light, and the sun will make its appearance soon. I picked up a great book on Saturday and it’s just what my heart needed. Love Heals by Becca Stevens

Here’s my favorite thought so far:

She writes: “I believe that love heals. And when I forget I believe that I connect to creation, Commit to a daily practice, Cultivate compassion, Create a grateful heart, And come home to myself. Then I remember.”

This just feels like a beautiful recipe I had forgotten.

good morning, sweet friends 💗

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