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15 Min of Kindness Can Change Your Life

I write things in my journal like "my hair is always fixed" and "my car is clean on the inside" when 100% absolutely neither one of those things are true. I want them to be true. Sometimes they are true. Until my toddlers are done with their fries or I'm showerless for day #3. But, I digress.

I come to you in my daughter's pink headwrap thing with a huge bow that I'm using to hold my hair back from a face mask that's supposed to help with adult acne. It's Saturday night and the cat is in my lap. I think I sprained my foot again today on the treadmill at the gym because I brought socks but my tennies weren't in the car after all and if I didn't just wear my regular shoes go ahead and do it, my childcare time would be over and I will NEVER BE ABLE TO LOSE THIS 15 POUNDS.

Deep breath.

15 minutes of kindness can change your life. You don't know whether or not to believe me, and that's ok. Just trust I know what I sayeth to you.

Right now, I want you to grab a piece of paper or the notepad on your phone and brainstorm every single thing that makes you instantly happy. Don't worry about what those things are, how to do them, whether or not you should do them. Just write EVERYTHING that comes into your brain.

Done? Ok. Now, draw a line through things that feel gross later, like eating an entire package of Reeces cups or phoning an ex that leaves you feeling small and sad.

Here are examples of things on my "go to" list:

  1. Cup of hot tea in my favorite mug

  2. Comfy socks

  3. Sweater to make me feel cozy in cold parts of my house

  4. Time on the back porch swing on warm days

  5. Wandering around a store with cute crafts & decor even if I don't buy anything

  6. Smelling candles or soaps in a store I'm already in

  7. Treating myself to breakfast

  8. Laying on the couch under a soft blanket in the middle of the day

  9. Turning my phone on silent

  10. Netflix bingey show while I wait for kids to get out of school and come to the car.

  11. Time to work on a feel good project

  12. Cross something small off my list

  13. Look at recipes

  14. Look at baking photos

  15. Look at seasonal decor or gardening photos

Your list may look similar, or it may be completely different. The most important thing is that you have a go to list of things to do that take 15 minutes and allow you to be kind to yourself in the specific ways that your heart can easily receive and digest.

So many things about life can deplete us, and it's super important that we be the first in line to be a best friend to ourselves and keep our peace, love, and joy bucket full and running over.

What are some ways you fill your bucket and recharge yourself during the day? Leave a comment below and share your ideas!

Wherever you are

wherever you go

whatever you've done

whatever you do next...

know you are so so loved.



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