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2023 Helper Schedule:

Lee Flowers          9:30am-1pm 

Caroleen Farrrell    10am-4pm

Michelle Pipes          10am-1pm 

Sheila Taylor           11am -4pm 

Rebecca Eldridge    10am-2pm

Thank you so much for helping me welcome in folks to Strawberry Festival at the Farm this Saturday, May 13!

The event is 10-4. 


There are two welcome tents, one at each entrance.


I’ve chosen women I love and admire to stand in my place and be the first friendly face people see when they come to the farm.


We will have a printed FAQ as well as a map so you can help point out directions to fishing, the market, hiking, parking, etc.


Chairs, table, canopy, bright yellow aprons, water, and beautiful decor are provided.


Just bring your amazing self! I appreciate you so much. Thank you for helping me be the hands and feet of Jesus this day.


When you arrive on event day, come see me at the front counter at the market for your assignment or go to either welcome tents for the schedule.


Can’t wait to see you soon!




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