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Peace + Joy

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Wishing y’all hearts full of peace + joy this year! Our sweet crew is spending some good time eating snacks from Pinterest recipes, playing a little Chutes & Ladders, and I dusted off a half finished puzzle from 2020 ….

For us farmers, this is a season of planning and holding fast. It’s a season of praying, hoping, and dreaming for the year to come. It’s a season of having a list of things you do on nice days and things you do every day no matter what.

It’s a sweet and shy journey for me, the baby of our family, to decide to open up the farm to the whole entire world. To invite y’all to come feed the chickens, and pick tomatoes, and hike by the creek. It’s been such a beautiful part of our lives and I hope y’all love coming here to make memories with your family at the farm with us.

We welcome this year with a gentle heart. Sure of the path God has called us to, and unsure of where it will lead or how He will lead us there. What a gift.

Wherever you are in your story, know you are so so loved. For real.



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