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What's New in 2022

Playground, Farm Market, Small Animal Farm, & More!

Welcome, friends!  We're so happy to share a few things we've been working on for you for 2022!

You may have noticed small buildings appearing near the Tent Grove.  We've been working hard for nearly two years to bring a small animal farm experience to the campground for you and your families! We're all set for fluffy chickens and bunnies in the spring, and hope to add baby goats this year as well!  

We're thrilled to share we've hired a full time maintenance teammate who is helping with many things and will also be doing the mowing and weedeating this year.  We're so happy to have our own dedicated person to take excellent care of you and your site.  You may see him around the campground this spring as well as we spread grass seed and top soil in areas that need it.  

We've chosen some playground equipment to go in near the small animal farm experience and look forward to sharing that with you as we make progress this spring & summer!

Construction on the farm market is nearly complete and we look forward to having our doors open to serve you! Windows are scheduled to be installed this month and we are hoping to be open to the public by March.  We're happy to have a convenient drive through so you won't have to get out of your car for us to help you if needed! 

We're also ever so patiently waiting on our lake to fill!  You'll start to see more landscaping & a dock happen this year.  We hope y'all will enjoy sunsets and listening to the crickets down there just like we do!

I sincerely hope this finds you and your loved ones well.  We appreciate y'all so much and look forward to serving you in the years to come!

Michele, the kids, cows, chickens, bunnies, baby goats & kitties!

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